Marshall Ganz

Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organizing, and Civil Society



The legacy of the 2010s

The Harvard Gazette


Adiós, 2010s. The 2020s are here. But before the clock strikes midnight on the decade, the Gazette asked Harvard experts to weigh in on the biggest events and most important cultural shifts of the past 10 years.

Lessons Learned from a 28 Year Leave of Absence

Harvard Crimson


The presence of Marshall L. Ganz ’64-’92 at Harvard is largely defined by his time away. Even today, Ganz is flying from Boston to Parkland, Fla. to conduct a workshop about community organizing strategies. This is the sort of work that Ganz has been doing his whole life — a life that has blurred the bounds of people and place, and a life that has centered around active civic engagement and scholarship.

Long Road to Change

BBC Radio 4


In an age when technology has made organising protest movements easier than ever before, journalist Zoe Williams asks why we aren’t seeing long-term results. She looks back on the global history of activism to discover the pre-conditions needed for concrete change. Marshall Ganz considers whether social media can work with traditional methods of protesting.

What’s the Story?

The Drucker Institute


In this episode of “Drucker on the Dial,” Phalana Tiller talks with Marshall Ganz about the role that stories and storytelling can have in driving behavior change at both the organizational and societal levels.

How People Power Generates Change

Moyers & Company


Activists Marshall Ganz, Rachel LaForest and Madeline Janis share how organized people can successfully fight organized money.

Analysis of the Occupy Wallstreet Protests

Charlie Rose Show


Analysis of the Occupy Wall Street Protests with Paul Krugman of ‘The New York Times,’ Jared Bernstein of CNBC, protester Bill Buster & Marshall Ganz of the Kennedy School at Harvard University

Occupy as a Movement

The Callie Crossley Show, WGBH Boston


October 24, 2011 – The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH Radio Boston.

Marshall Ganz: Volver a creer otra vez*

Folios publicacion de discusion analysis

¿Obama hubiera ganado la elección sin el movimiento ciudadano que impulsó su candidatura? ¿Por qué el modelo de la campaña de Obama representó una nueva forma de hacer política? ¿Cuáles son las lecciones que otras democracias deberían aprender de la campaña del primer presidente negro? Éstas son algunas de las preguntas que el libro Obama latino, de Wilbert Torre, a través de una brillante crónica, no carente de juicio crítico, intenta dar respuesta.

Public Speaking

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Panel Discussions

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Asia Center Seminar Recap: Community Organizing in Japan and China

Harvard University Asia Center


On November 4, the Asia Center presented a seminar, “Community Organizing in Japan and China,” with presentations by Dr. Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center; Kanoko Kamata, Executive Director, Community Organizing Japan; and Iris Hu, Leadership Trainer and Coach, Harvard SEED for Social Innovation.

Reinventing Social Democracy? Sanders, Corbyn and Beyond

Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation


On April 13, 2016, the Ash Center hosted a discussion on the particular challenges facing social democrats —or the millennial inheritors of the social democratic tradition— in the US, UK, and beyond. Panelists included Jesse Littlewood, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Digital, Common Cause; Quinton Mayne, Assistant Professor of Public Policy; and Kathryn Perera, UK-US Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Fellow and Chief Executive, Movement for Change. The event was moderated by Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy.

Civil Society in East Asia

Harvard-Yenching Institute


Roundtable on “Civil Society in East Asia,” with Profs. Marshall Ganz, Gao Bingzhong, Jeong Jong-ho, Kage Rieko, and Elizabeth Perry

Israel & Palestine: Embracing Humor; Respecting Humanity

Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Politics


A brief comedic presentation followed by a discussion with HKS students and the Kennedy School’s Marshall Ganz. Event Moderators: Marshall Ganz , Jimmy Tingle Participants: Scott Blakeman , Maysoon Zayid , Wassim Khazmo , Barak Loozon

Election ’94 Coverage and Analysis

Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Politics


Event Speakers: Ms. Lynn Cutler , The Hon. Mickey Edwards , Mr. Michael Gartner , Hon. Nancy Maloley, The Hon. Charles Royer , Mr. Marshall Ganz

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